My Leadership Journey

I began my journey in leadership by having the opportunity to serve over 11,000 Iowa FFA Association members as the 1996-97 Iowa FFA State Vice President.

As a college student, I was fortunate to be able to expand upon my leadership activities through being involved in several student organizations.  Most notably, I had the opportunity to serve as a re-Founding Father of the Iowa State Chapter of Acacia Fraternity and also served as the chapter’s first Venerable Dean (president) where I was able to provide the leadership necessary to help establish a strong and vibrant fraternity chapter.  In August 2014, I was elected by the delegates at the Acacia International Fraternity Conclave to serve as the International President of Acacia Fraternity.

From January 2010 through December 2013, I had the opportunity to serve the Ames community as the Ward 3 representative on the Ames City Council.  When I made the decision to seek election to the City Council in 2009, I did so because I saw a community in need of strong, decisive leadership at the council level, a community that needed to encourage private sector growth and development, a community that needed to be reassured that it was okay to grow and expand, and a community that needed a vision for its future.  As I reflect upon my years as a member of the Ames City Council, I’m very proud of the fact that were able to support economic and business growth, strengthen and enhance neighborhoods, and increase efficiencies in City Government while keeping the municipal levy rate low.  I also worked to build a reputation of learning the facts on issues, being accessible and listening to the concerns of constituents, and being fair and reasonable in finding solutions to problems while working alongside fellow city council members with varying viewpoints for the long-term benefit of the community.