Jeremy’s Vision


Jeremy Davis has a proven track record of visionary leadership in Iowa.  Jeremy is an energetic, positive, collaborative leader, who brings people together to create new beginnings for Iowans. Jeremy knows that our people represent our greatest resource and that limited government, based upon common-sense principles and Iowans working together, is our greatest asset.  Jeremy will fight for the people of Iowa to ensure the greatest possible transparency to government decisions and government actions in our State Capitol.

A Strong Economy:

Jeremy believes that Iowa needs to support efforts that strengthen the economy and provide more job opportunities for Iowans.  This is achieved by leaders who understand that real economic prosperity comes from hard work and innovation—not from government mandates.  From research and development, along with technology transfer efforts at our flagship universities to the entrepreneurial spirit that makes our Country great, economic growth can occur in many facets.

We need to continue to support our small business owners and our main street business leaders as they work hard to grow their businesses.  This is achieved by leaders who understand that our small business owners are one of our greatest assets in every community.

We also need to encourage new and exciting businesses and industries to locate in Iowa.  These efforts will lead to expanded employment opportunities for all Iowans, including our recent high school and college graduates that have a desire to raise a family with Iowa values, but choose to relocate to other states in order to find employment.

Jeremy also recognizes that in order to have a strong economy, we must work to reduce the tax burden on our citizens.  While the property tax reform implemented in 2013 will help small business owners and main street business leaders across Iowa; we need to reduce the tax burden on homeowners accordingly while ensuring local municipalities and schools are able to maintain adequate funding to meet their critical needs.  When we do this, families will have more discretionary income to support Main Street and retail businesses.

A Strong Education:

The future of Iowa resides in our youth.  When Jeremy was in elementary school, Iowa was ranked #1 in education; since then, our educational ranking has declined and while efforts for education reform have been enacted; we must support effective educators in the classroom if we want to be ranked #1.  Iowa must also provide increased access to educational opportunities for our youth—including enhanced access to community college coursework to allow students to meet their academic goals.  Jeremy also supports initiatives that allow individual school districts to make decisions that impact them locally—at the local level.

As Iowans, we are fortunate to have robust higher education opportunities for our students.  In recent years, student loan debt levels have become an increasing concern—especially at Iowa State University.  As the cost of higher education continues to increase, we need to support efforts by the Iowa Board of Regents that ensures public higher education in Iowa remains affordable and attainable for our students while maintaining a high-level of academic achievement.

A Strong Quality of Life:

As a life-long Iowan, Jeremy knows that Iowa’s quality of life is good—but it can be better and stronger!  Maintaining a strong and desirable quality of life provides opportunities for Iowans to live, work and raise their families in Iowa.  From the family farm to small-towns to urban communities—each has its own challenges and maintaining a desirable quality of life is important to each of us.

Jeremy was raised on a farm and understands that agriculture is the foundation for our state’s economy.  He will work to support agriculture interests through protecting farmers from burdensome and excessive regulations while promoting a culture of conservation and stewardship in communities and on farms.  We need to continue to encourage farmers to utilize science along with innovative technologies and techniques—not government regulations—to reduce environmental impact.

Iowa must address the needs of our greatest generation by ensuring a properly funded Medicaid program.  Jeremy will work to encourage our seniors to be active in their daily lives and communities.  He will also work to ensure our state’s children are able to gain access to the medical care they need.

Iowa also has an outstanding network of state parks and recreation areas.  Not only do these areas promote a healthy lifestyle for Iowans, they are a treasure for our state.  Ensuring adequate funding to properly maintain our state’s parks and recreation areas will provide Iowans with access to our state’s outstanding natural resources.

Jeremy also recognizes that having a well-maintained system of roads and bridges supports a healthy economy and provides a reliable transportation system for our citizens as they travel to and from work, for parents as they take their children to and from school, and for a bustling commerce system to deliver goods and services.  Maintaining our roads and bridges is expensive, but raising the gas tax is not the solution.  It is important that we work to allocate taxpayer dollars to our state’s priorities while ensuring an efficient, limited government.