About Jeremy

Jeremy Davis, 37, grew up on a family farm in Eastern Iowa where he learned the values of hard work, determination to succeed, and the power of a positive vision.

A resident of Ames since 1996, when he enrolled at Iowa State University, Davis has since become a homeowner and is proud to be a young professional living in one of the most successful and prolific communities in the State of Iowa.  Davis’ long-term commitment to the Ames community is evident through his support of various community endeavors, activities and his most-recent service as a member of the Ames City Council (January 2010 to December 2013).  He is also a former Board Member of the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau and previously served as a Board Member on the Ames Economic Development Commission.  Currently, he is serving as the secretary of the ISU Greek Alumni Alliance, is an active member of the Ames Rotary Club, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Ames Foundation.

From an educational perspective, Jeremy received a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Education in May 2001 from Iowa State University.  Davis continued his education, ultimately receiving a Master of Education degree in Higher Education and a Master of Science degree in Agriculture Education, both in December 2004 from Iowa State University.  During his time pursuing a graduate degree, he began his employment with Iowa State University working with students through the Office of Student Financial Aid.  In 2007, he was honored with the Norm Boyles Award for Outstanding Service to Student Athletes.  He is currently pursuing a doctorate through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Education, with a specialization in higher education.

Currently, Jeremy is employed by the National Pork Producers Council as the Director of Grassroots and LEADR.  Prior to joining NPPC, he was employed by the U.S. House of Representatives as a District Representative with the Office of Congressman Steve King.  Prior to that, he was employed by the State of Iowa with the Iowa College Student Aid Commission.  In addition to his professional role, Davis is currently serves as the International President of the Acacia International Fraternity and through that position he provides leadership and guidance to the fraternity’s staff members through the establishment of sound fiscal and operational policies.  He also serves as the chapter advisor of the Iowa State Chapter of Acacia Fraternity.  In 2012, the Acacia International Fraternity honored him with its Award of Merit, which is given to alumni who, “have rendered outstanding service in their chosen fields, and have attained high position therein, thus exemplifying the motto of Acacia, human service, and the teachings of the fraternity, which constantly admonish our members to prepare themselves as educated men to take a more active part in their communities.”